WaterMeterKit V2

Measure your water consumption in real-time in Home Assistant

Gain insight into your water usage per minute and monitor your water consumption per hour, day, month, and/or year in liters within Home Assistant. The kit also measures the temperature and humidity of the room where your water meter is located.

Made for

Discover the WaterMeterKit: A carefully crafted Dutch creation, fully developed and designed for your needs.

Specially designed for Home Assistant & ESPHome: The WaterMeterKit is specially designed to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant & ESPHome.

Convert your analog water meter to a digital version

Make the switch to digital with the WaterMeterKit: Convert your analog water meter and gain real-time insight into your water consumption. Monitor precisely how much water you use during daily activities such as bathing, handwashing, and showering.


Home Assistant

Quick and Easy Installation

Easily install the WaterMeterKit on most existing analog water meters from well-known brands such as Actaris, Elster, Honeywell, Itron, and Sensus.

With a simple action, attach the provided adapter to your water meter. Then, connect the kit to Wi-Fi, where Home Assistant will automatically detect and seamlessly load it.

Check here to see which water meters are compatible with our WaterMeterKit. Important to note: Elster can also be found under the Honeywell brand, and Itron may also fall under the Actaris and Schlumberger brands.

Compatible water meters

Is my water meter compatible?




Accurate Water Measurements and Smart Automations in Home Assistant

Enhance your Home Assistant experience with seamless integration and advanced data exchange. With our WaterMeterKit, you have the ability to monitor real-time consumption in liters per minute and analyze your water usage over days, weeks, months, and years. Not only can you track your usage live as devices are turned on, but you also have the power to create automations based on your water consumption. With the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard, you'll always stay informed about your water usage and can review your consumption data.

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“ Thanks to the Water Meter Kit, I discovered an unexpected leak in my garden. Even though I thought everything was turned off, my Home Assistant was still recording water usage in my stats overnight. This discovery helped me quickly save costs by locating and fixing the leak. A smart and valuable investment! ”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Watermeterkit compatible with my existing water meter?

In most cases, yes. The Watermeterkit is designed to fit most common analog water meters from well-known brands. We recommend always checking our list of compatible water meters, currently, we support: Actaris, Elster, Honeywell, Itron, and Sensus.

How is the Watermeterkit installed?

Installation is simple. Place the provided adapter on your water meter, connect the kit to wifi, and Home Assistant will automatically detect the device.

Can I monitor my water consumption over longer periods?

Absolutely. With the Watermeterkit, you can track your water consumption by the hour, day, month, and year and compare it in clear charts.

Can I monitor my water consumption in real-time?

Certainly! The Watermeterkit provides real-time insight into your water consumption, allowing you to see how much water you use in daily activities directly.

What software is needed to use the Watermeterkit?

The Watermeterkit works seamlessly with Home Assistant. You can monitor and manage your water consumption through this popular smarthome software.

Do I need to be technically inclined to use the Watermeterkit?

No, the installation is designed to be simple. The included instructions will guide you step by step.

Technical Specifications

Connection to Water Meter
Direct connection with a universal holder that mounts the water sensor on the 1-liter metal indicator of your water meter.
Network Connection
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), supports WPA/WPA2 security
Data Transmission
Water consumption update interval: Every 1 liter
Physical Dimensions of the Kit
92 x 47.5 x 26.5 mm
Cable Length
USB-C cable: 3 meters for powering the WaterMeterKit Sensor-to-kit cable: 3 meters for connection to the water sensor (non-detachable)
Power Supply
USB-C port for power supply (5V, 1A) with included European USB adapter
Operational Classification
IP20 (suitable for indoor use)
Temperature Range
Operational from -10 °C to +40 °C
Compatible with all common water meters as indicated on our website; if in doubt, contact us
Fully integrated with Home Assistant, support for firmware updates (OTA)
Universal water meter holder with screws for easy installation